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What I do?

I am fascinated with information.

Turning data into information and translate into fast absorbing analytics via charts and graphs. I use SQL, R, Tableau, Data frames, and Java when needed. But why turn data into information? Transparency, clarity, and truth. Nothing speaks better than data. Un-biased transformation of data into information.

Health Data

I analyze health data available from Turning this data into insightful information and delivering in easy to read Tableau workbooks is essential to making fast analysis and decisions.

Crime Data

Analyzing crime data opens our eyes into what is going on in society. There is direct correlation between education, health, and crime statistics.


Solutions in AWS provide numerous of benefits. Some of which would save money, provide scalability when needed, and comes with security and dependability.

Custom Software

Custom software either built in Angular, Java from end-to-end solution from database to UI. Desktop, web or mobile.

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